To achieve better quality images, a skilled photographer must possess a unique blend of expertise in professional photography, a keen sense of color balance, mastery of lighting techniques, the ability to compose a suitable frame, and proficiency in post-processing. Each of these elements plays a vital role in obtaining the desired outcome. Today, our focus will be on rectifying the white balance of your photographs using the renowned software, Photoshop.

In order to attain that perfect balance of white in your images, Photoshop offers an array of powerful picture editing tools. While we delve into a tutorial on how to fix the white balance using this software, let us first gain some insights into its significance and capabilities.

What is White Balance?

Color correction is an essential technique in photo editing that aims to enhance the light and color cast of an image, resulting in a more natural and visually appealing appearance. This process involves adjusting the color balance, also known as "color temperature," to allow both colored and true color objects to appear accurately.

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In the realm of professional photography, most cameras offer manual control over white balance. This feature enables photographers to capture nearly perfectly balanced photos directly from their cameras. By using the camera's white balance control, photographers can minimize the amount of post-processing required, ultimately saving valuable time. However, it is important to note that post-processing is still necessary, and it cannot be completely avoided.

If you employ camera control techniques and narrow down the post-processing workload, software like Photoshop can assist in batch hue balance alterations. Nevertheless, when it comes to achieving the best overall color balance for a specific image, Photoshop offers the flexibility to meticulously edit individual photographs.

Why is Light Balance Important?

With the help of white balance settings on your camera, you can ensure that the images you capture closely resemble real colors, regardless of the lighting conditions. Adjusting the gradient balance will prevent any strange tinting or color distortion in your overall picture, resulting in improved brightness and realism when properly set.

Having the right white balance or color cast in your images not only adds believability but also leaves a lasting impression on your audience. Paying attention to the black, white, and mid-tones is essential for achieving a realistic shot. These slight variations in color can lead to interesting and captivating results, especially when selectively applied to specific areas instead of the entire picture.

Now, you might be wondering which camera is best for obtaining the perfect white balance or what settings will yield optimal results straight from the camera. There are numerous video tutorials and blog articles available to assist you in learning about camera settings and not just limited to Photoshop.

Now, let's shift our focus to the main point of this article, which is fixing white balance with the use of Photoshop.

Adjust White Balance in Photoshop

Achieving the desired color correction directly from the camera is always commendable, but employing the color correction technique of a professional photo retouching service in Photoshop offers even greater ease and precision. During the post-processing of images, it is quite common to encounter occasions where altering the color temperature and balance becomes necessary.

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The reason behind this lies in the ever-changing nature of the scene and the camera's inability to accurately adjust its white balance. Therefore, to rectify the color imbalance, we must manipulate the lighting. In cases like these, employing Photoshop becomes essential, as it offers the most effective solution through the usage of the curves tool for precise color correction.

So where will we find this image editing tool?

The adjustment sub-menu, where the "curves" option resides, can be found within the "image" section of the top menu bar. Therefore, for today's image editing tutorial, our destination is image>adjustment>curves. Before we delve into utilizing this tool to edit our image, there is a minor yet crucial selection we need to make.

Once the image has been inserted into Photoshop and the curve menu has been selected, a dialogue box called curves will appear, displaying a graph-like image along with several options. If we observe closely, we will notice the presence of three eye drop options situated just below the graph-like imageā€”an entirely black one, a gray-like one, and a white one.

These three eye drops are the main to fix the white balance and get the desired one.
Let`s know how to set these eye drops in their perfect place:

  • Setting the White Point
    Here we will choose white eye drops, also known as eye highlighters. With these drops, we will set the point where the image contains the maximum amount of light.
  • Setting the Gray Point
    After setting the white point, it's time to set the middle point or gray area of the image. Click on the gray dropper and select an area with a good but balanced or average amount of light and color. Then click on that area to set the gray point.
  • Setting the Black Point
    The last one is black eyedropper and we will set it to the darkest point of the image. So click on that shadow covered area to set the black point.

Once the selection process is complete, you will see automatic color changes in your image. This is done by the software itself. Adobe Photoshop Crack is designed to recognize and make some minor but effective changes to your image automatically.

However, if you need to refine the automatic color correction a bit, you can use the curve. In the dialog box, click and hold the little box in the curve located in the lower left corner and lift it up. This will add some light to your photo. We can also increase the visibility by pulling the box vertically upwards.


The significance of color in an image is indescribable. Precise and captivating colors have the power to vividly depict the true essence of a scene captured in your image. Regardless of how advanced your camera may be, it will only empty your pockets. The freedom to create an eye-catching image can only be achieved by harnessing the power of Photoshop and manually manipulating the colors.

However, utilizing Photoshop also requires the expertise of a skilled hand. This is where Tradexcel Graphics comes in, offering guaranteed solutions for all your image editing needs, including the correction of white balance.

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